Bio-organic insecticide emamectin benzoate 75% TECH, 2% WDG

Emamectin benzoate pesticideMF: C56H8 1NO15 (B[X|la|X]); C55H79NO15 (B [X|lb|X])Emamectin Benzonate CAS No: 155569-91-8]; 137512-74-4; 179607-18-2MW: 1008.3 (Bla); 994.2 (BLB)MP: 141-146º CVP: 4 *10-3 MPa &lpar

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Emamectin benzoate pesticide
MF: C56H8 1NO15 (B[X|la|X]); C55H79NO15 (B [X|lb|X])
Emamectin Benzonate CAS No: 155569-91-8]; 137512-74-4; 179607-18-2
MW: 1008.3 (Bla); 994.2 (BLB)
MP: 141-146º C
VP: 4 *10-3 MPa (21º C )
SG: 1.20 (23 º C )
Emamectin Benzonate Appearance: A mixture of emamectin Bla (≥ 90%) and emamectin BLB (≤ 10%), as their benzoate salts.
White to off-white powder
Emamectin Benzonate Formulation types: 75%TECH, 2%WDG
Emamectin Benzonate Solubility.: In water 0.024 g/l (pH 7, 25º C )
Emamectin Benzonate Toxicological information:
Emamectin Benzonate Oral: Acute oral LD50 for rats 76-89 mg/kg.
Emamectin Benzonate Skin and eye: Acute dermal LD50 for rabbits >2000 mg/kg. It is not irritant to skin, and has no sensitising potential.
Emamectin Benzonate Purpose: For control of Lepidoptera on vegetables, brassicas and cotton, at up to 16 g/ha, and in pine trees, at 5-25 g/ha.
1. Emamectin Benzoate is high effective, low poisonous and environment safety.
2. It's a new kind of half synthesis antibiotic pesticide,
And has the function of stomach poison and contact insecticide.
3. Effect of preventing and controlling under extremely low density also is obvious.
4. It is secure for beneficial insect, person and livestock in conventional dosage.
5. It has already been used widely in western nation. In home,
It also applies widely to tobacco, tea and vegetables.
6. It may formulate with majority of agricultural chemicals,
It's one kind of green agricultural chemicals.
  Common name  Emamectin Benzonate
  Classification   Insecticide
  CAS No.   155569-91-8; 137512-74-4; 179607-18-2
  MF   C56H8 1NO15 (B[x|la|x]); C55H79NO15 (B [x|lb|x])
  Place of origin   China Shanghai
  State   Powder
  Purity   75%
  Payment terms   T/T, L/C
  Brand name   Bosman

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