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Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price Product Name: Insecticide Abamectin 95%TCCAS NO.:71751-41-2 Formulation: 95%TC, 1.2%EC,1.8%EC,3.6%EC,5%ECChemical Name: Abamectin Structural Formula:C48H72O14Melting Point: 155-157Description:white power, insolub

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Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price


Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price

Product Name: Insecticide Abamectin 95%TC

CAS NO.:71751-41-2 

Formulation: 95%TC, 1.2%EC,1.8%EC,3.6%EC,5%EC

Chemical Name: Abamectin 

Structural Formula:C48H72O14

Melting Point: 155-157

Description:white power, insoluble in water , soluble in acetone, methanol, isopropanol and toluene.

Application: The product is composed of a group of macrolide compounds with Avermectin B1 as major active ingredient and is isolated and purified from microbial fermentation. It is active against mites and insects through injection as a stomach poison and topical exposure. It decomposes and dissipates rapidly when applied to foliar surface, but the portion of the active ingredient penetrated into the parenchyma of plants could exist there and be transferred. The product has a prolonged efficacy against harmful mites and phytophagous insects. It has been the optimum choice of new pesticide because of its characteristics of broad spectrum, high efficacy, safety, no residue, and free of cross resistance.

Dosage and administration 

The products is efficacious against mites, leafminers, psylla, diamondback worm, cornmon cabbage worm, nematodes and the like. Spray evenly by conventional or vapodasting. Addition of a little mineral or vegetable oil (0.02-0.03%) will improve its efficacy.

         CROPS                PESTS AND MITES             CONCENTRATIONS

        Fruit tree                       pests                                1.5-5.0ppm

                                             mites                                 1.0-2.0ppm

Vegetable, Cotton, Flower    pests                                 5.0-7.0ppm

                                              mites                                1.0-2.0ppm

             Grain Crop                mites                                1.0-2.0ppm


Package: 25kg/drum, 20L/drum, 200L/drum


Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price

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Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price

Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price
Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price


Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price
Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price
Package1kg/aluminium bag or according the demand of yours.
Shipping time • 5 days by express,

• 10 days by air,

• 15 days by sea
Shipping time by express5-7 days, by TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS
Shipping time by air7-10 days
Shipping time by seaSouth America : around 40-60 days

Southeast Asia: around 10-25 days

Africa: around 40 days

Europe: around 35 days


Buy Insecticide Abamectin Pesticides Price

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