Diflubenzuron is an insecticide with strong contact and stomach toxicity

DiflubenzuronChemical Name: 1-[4-Chlorophenyl-3-(2.6-Difluorobenzoyl)] CarbamideFORMULA: C14H9ClF2N2O2M. W.: 310.6CAS No.: 35367-38-5DESCRIPTION: White crystalsMelting Point: 210-230º CDensity: 0.46-0.47 g/cm3SPECIFICATIONS:Content: 95.0% MIN.Insolubility in DMF: 0.5%MAX.Moisture: 0.5&per

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Chemical Name: 1-[4-Chlorophenyl-3-(2.6-Difluorobenzoyl)] Carbamide


M. W.: 310.6

CAS No.: 35367-38-5

DESCRIPTION: White crystals
Melting Point: 210-230º C
Density: 0.46-0.47 g/cm3

Content: 95.0% MIN.
Insolubility in DMF: 0.5%MAX.
Moisture: 0.5%MAX.
PH: 6-8

Formulation: 95%TC, 25%WP, 5%EC.

Mode of Action
Non-systemic insect growth regulator with contact and stomach action. Acts at time of insect moulting, or at hatching of eggs.
Acute oral LD50 for rats and mice >4640 mg / kg.
Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rabbits >2000, rats >10 000 mg/kg. Not a skin irritant; Slight eye irritant (rabbits). Not a
Skin sensitiser (guinea-pigs). Inhalation LC50 for rats >2.88 mg /kg.

Uses: Diflubenzuron is used specially to kill lepid-optera, also to kill coleoptera and diptera, It may not cause obvious bad Influence to natural enemy.

Packaging Detail: For liquid: 200Ltr/drum, 20L/drum, 1L/bottle, 500ml/bottle, 250ml/bottle, 100ml/bottle.
For solid: 25 kg/drum, 25kg/bag, 1kg/bag or on the requirement of client.
Delivery Detail: 20-30days

Appearance:White to light yellow crystal powder
Content:98% Min
Persistent foam(1min):60ml Max
Wet sieve test (75μm sieve):2% Max
Stability at 54±2, 14 days:Qualified
Wetting time:60s Max
Suspensibility:70% Min
Water:0.5% Max

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