The factory supplies Bronopol (99%TC, 10.5% WP)-fungicide

BronopolSpecification: 99%TC, 10.5%WPChemical Name: 2-bromo-2-nitro-1, 3-propanediolFormula: C3H6BrNO4Molecular Weight: 199.99CAS No.: 52-51-71EINECS No.: 200-143-0Description: Appearance: Light yellow to light brown solid.Melting Point: 127-130ºC.Vapour Pressure: 1.68mPa(20

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Specification: 99%TC, 10.5%WP

Chemical Name: 2-bromo-2-nitro-1, 3-propanediol

Formula: C3H6BrNO4

Molecular Weight: 199.99

CAS No.: 52-51-71

EINECS No.: 200-143-0

Appearance: Light yellow to light brown solid.
Melting Point: 127-130ºC.
Vapour Pressure: 1.68mPa(20ºC).
Stability: Soluble in water 250g/L at 22ºC.
It is mainly used to prevent and control cotton disease and fusarium disease cause by angular leaf spot of cotton flavobacterium.
Name of productBronopol 
Index nameIndex valueMeasured  value
AppearanceOff-white to White    powderOff-white to  White powder
Content (%)≥99.099.3
Insolubility  substance  in Acetone ≤0.300.2
Moisture (%)≤0.50.24
Name of productBronopol     10.5%  WP
Index nameIndex valueMeasured  value
AppearancePink loose powderPink loose  powder
Content (%)≥10.510.5
Wetting Time(S)≤6020
 PH Value6-86.8
Moisture (%)≤1.00.6
Factory Supply Bronopol (99%TC, 10.5%WP) -Fungicide
Factory Supply Bronopol (99%TC, 10.5%WP) -Fungicide
Factory Supply Bronopol (99%TC, 10.5%WP) -Fungicide

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