Hfc-227ea,,,, colorless, odorless, low-toxic refrigerant gas

HFC-227eaTrifluoromethane Fluoroform(R227ea) Physical properties Molecular formulaCF3CHFCF3 Molecular weight170.00  Boiling point(ºC)-16.40  Vapor pressure Mpaabs (20ºC)0.391  Liquid density 20ºC(kg/m3)1407.00  Satyrated Vapor density 20ºC(kg/m3)31.18&nbs

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Trifluoromethane Fluoroform(R227ea)
 Physical properties
 Molecular formulaCF3CHFCF3
 Molecular weight170.00 
 Boiling point(ºC)-16.40 
 Vapor pressure Mpaabs (20ºC)0.391 
 Liquid density 20ºC(kg/m3)1407.00 
 Satyrated Vapor density 20ºC(kg/m3)31.18 
 Burner Extinguishing Concentration5.80 
Minimal Extinguishing Concentration7.00 
 Quality index
 Water content≤0.01%
 Evaporation residue≤0.0001%
 Chloride content-
 Appearance Colorless and clear
 Odor Odorless
Application:      HFC227ea has been approved as an ideal substitute fro Halon 1301 by NEPA2001, it possesses 
good characteristics of cleaning, lowtoxicity and shows excellent performance in extinguishing fire,
It's mainly used for
total flooding extinguishing system.
Packing:  Refillable cylinder:400L.800L.926L.1000L

application: Exposure to liquid heptafluoropropane can cause frostbite.
                      Heptafluoropropane can also be used as a propellant for launch rockets.
                      Heptafluoropropane is used in drug metered dose inhalers, such as inhalers used during asthma treatment.
Hfc-227ea, , Colorless, Odorless, Low Toxicity Refrigerant Gas


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