High quality methion pesticide insecticide CAS 35575-96-3

Product informationAzamethiphosProduct nameAzamethiphosSynonymsS-[(6-Chloro-2-oxooxazolo[4,5-b]pyridin-3(2H)-yl)methyl] O,O-dimethyl thiophosphateCAS No.35575-96-3Molecular weight324.68Molecular formulaC9H10ClN2O5PSMelting Point88-93 °CBoiling Point428.8 °C at 760 mmHgAppearanceWhite or off white powderAzamethiphos is a

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Product information
Product nameAzamethiphos
SynonymsS-[(6-Chloro-2-oxooxazolo[4,5-b]pyridin-3(2H)-yl)methyl] O,O-dimethyl thiophosphate
CAS No.35575-96-3
Molecular weight324.68
Molecular formulaC9H10ClN2O5PS
Melting Point88-93 °C
Boiling Point428.8 °C at 760 mmHg
AppearanceWhite or off white powder

Azamethiphos is a broad-spectrum insecticide. It controls cockroaches, various beetles, bugs, spiders and other arthropodes, especially to nuisance flies. It can be used to kill flies in public places, meadows and farms. Hats more, it has no toxicity against mammals. Formulations and applications which encourage oral uptake of the product by the flies can last as long as 10 weeks. It is an organo-phosphor insectcide that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend to use.

Azamethiphos is an organ phosphorus pesticide, which works by interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses. It has been used in a spray form to control insects such as cockroaches and flies in buildings, warehouses and intensive farming installations. It has also been used in the UK (particularly in Scotland) in fish farming, to control external parasites such as sea lice on the Atlantic salmon. This application replaces the use of the hazardous "red list" pollutant Dichlorvos.
High Quality Azamethiphos Pesticide Insecticides CAS 35575-96-3
High Quality Azamethiphos Pesticide Insecticides CAS 35575-96-3
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High Quality Azamethiphos Pesticide Insecticides CAS 35575-96-3
High Quality Azamethiphos Pesticide Insecticides CAS 35575-96-3

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