Low toxicity and low residue imidacloprid 10% WP

ImidaclopridImidacloprid (Admire/Merit/Tiddo/Confidor/Gaucho)Pictures of PestsBrief Introduction1. Product name: Imidacloprid2. Other names: Admire, merit, tiddo, confidor, gaucho3. Formulation: 10% WP4. CAS NO.: 105827-78-9Product FeaturesThis product is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxic and low-residue insectic

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Imidacloprid (Admire/Merit/Tiddo/Confidor/Gaucho)
Pictures of Pests
Brief Introduction
1. Product name: Imidacloprid
2. Other names: Admire, merit, tiddo, confidor, gaucho
3. Formulation: 10% WP
4. CAS NO.: 105827-78-9
Product Features
This product is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxic and low-residue insecticide that will not easily cause the resistance of pests. It is systemic and effective on contact and via stomach action, yet it has much lower toxicity to mammals, plants and natural enemies. The efficacy is fast-acting with longevity of residue. Favorable effect can be reached when the temperature is high.
Application Range
The imidacloprid is mainly applied for the control of pests with piercing-sucking mouth parts, such as the aphid, leafhopper, thrips, whitefly as well as the potato beetle and the frit fly. These pests likely damage the crops like the paddy rice, wheat, cotton and so on.
1. Peanuts: The 40mL dosage mixed with 100 to 150mL water is applicable to 15 to 20kg seeds for seed coating.
2. Corn: To coat 5 to 8kg seeds, the 40mL dosage mixed with 100 to 150mL water is enough.
3. Soybeans: The 40mL dosage mixed with 20 to 30mL water can coat 4 to 6kg seeds.
4. Cotton: The 40mL dosage mixed with 50mL water is sufficient to coat 1.5kg seeds.
5. Other beans: For peas, cowpeas, pea beans and kidney beans, 40mL imidacloprid mixed with 20 to 50mL water is applicable for seed coating.
6. For potatoes, ginger, garlic and Chinese yams, the 40mL dosage mixed with 1.5 to 3kg water is appropriate for respectively coating.
7. As for vegetable crops as sweet potatoes, tobacco, celery, shallots, cucumbers, tomatoes and chilies, the 40mL dosage can be evenly mixed with 15kg fine soil and then the soil should be mixed with the nutrient soil as well as seeds.
8. For the pests as the aphis citricola, myzus malisuctus, myzus persicae, pear psylla, leaf roller, aleyrodid and the liriomyza, spraying is recommended and the dilution is 4000 to 6000 times.
1. This product cannot be compounded with alkaline pesticides or substances for application.
2. Please do not contaminate bee gardens, silkworm fields or water sources.
3. Applying the imidacloprid in appropriate period. It is forbidden to use it 2 weeks before the harvest.
4. In case of eating without caution, please immediately vomit and receive treatment in hospital.
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lower toxicity low-residue Imidacloprid 10% WP

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