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 Abamectin TECHNational Executing Standard: GB19336-2003Physical and chemical properties:Its appearance is white to light yellow crystal powder and its melting point is 150ºC-155ºC.The vapor pressure (20 ºC) & lt;2 x 10-4 mpa;Solubility (21ºC,g/L) : Water (7-10)×10-6, toluene 350, acetone

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 Abamectin TECH

National Executing Standard: GB19336-2003

Physical and chemical properties:

Its appearance is white to light yellow crystal powder and its melting point is 150ºC-155ºC.The vapor pressure (20 ºC) & lt;2 x 10-4 mpa;Solubility (21ºC,g/L) : Water (7-10)×10-6, toluene 350, acetone 100, isopropanol 70, trichloromethane 25, ethanol, methanol 19.5 n-butanol 10, cyclohexane 6;Stability: Good stability in ph5-9 aqueous solution (25ºC), sensitive to strong acid and strong base.

It is an effective acaricide belonging to the series of antibiotics. It is composed of macrolide chemical compounds. Its active substance is the ABAMECTIN which has the great effect of stomach toxicity and touch killing on insects and acarids. It can be dissolved promptly while spraying on the leafs of plant and its active ingredient seeping into plants' cellular wall can exist in the organization and has conductive effect for a long time, so it has long effect on harmful mite and insects. It is mainly used to deal with parasites in or outside poultries' and live stocks' body, such as parasite red worms, cabbage worm, diamond-bock worm psyllanematodes, harmful mite, etc.

ISO Common Name: Abamectin.
Trade Name: Abamectin. Active Ingredient: B1a+B1b

Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight: B1AC48H72O14 873.1 B1bC48H72O14 859.1

TECH: B1a+B1b≥96%, B1a≥93%
EC: B1a≥1.8%

Description: The TECH is the white or yellowish crystal. The melting point is between 157-162ºC.
The EC is the brown liquid. No visible suspended things and sediments.

Stability: It is stabile under normal store conditions. The water solution can't be hydrolyzed in water under PH5-9 and 25ºC

Toxicity: Oral for big rats LD50 is 1470mg/kg. No carcinogenic, tertogenic, mutagenic effect.

Package TECH: 1kg/aluminium bag, 25kg/drum.

EC: 50mL/100mL/200mL/500mL/lL/200L per polyester bottle or steel drum. Special specifications can be provided according to customers' demand.

Storage: Stored in the ventilative, cool and dry place.(EC should be sheltered from light)

Term of validity: 2 years.


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Top Quality Biological Insecticide Agrochemicals Raw Material Avermectin/Abamectin Price
Top Quality Biological Insecticide Agrochemicals Raw Material Avermectin/Abamectin Price



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